No, I can

I can do it

I can do it

My 3-year-old son has an interesting way he approaches challenges.  He is a capable young child, there is no doubt about that.  He is able to handle the everyday tasks of life with no problem at all until he decides he can’t do it.  For example, he might put his own clothes on at certain times and other times tell me that he can’t do it.   There are times when he wants me to follow him into the bathroom to assist him with washing his hands, and other times when he tells me “hey, I don’t want you in here.”  Sometimes at dinner he will tell me he wants ketchup and doesn’t want ketchup in the same sentence and then assure me that he can do it.  It is just his way of processing what is going on in his brain.

It still gets to me when he says that he can’t do something that I know he can do.  Often what he is saying to me is that it is too hard to do it so he would rather I just did it for him.   What he is saying is “I won’t do it” or “I don’t want to do it.”  A lot of times this happens when he is in a hurry to do something else.

I am glad God allows me to see this side of it because I know that I have done this same thing to God.   I don’t know how many times I make the excuse to God that I can’t do something because I am too tired, busy, or just not quite ‘there’ yet. (wherever that is) It is like I am telling God that I need to read more books, do more training, think, pray, eat, and then rest in order to truly see what needs to happen.  These requests seem logical in our American way of thinking, but seem ludicrous when they are said to the Sovereign God.

“His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who calls us by his glory and goodness.” – 1 Peter 2:3

God has gone through great lengths to give us everything we need for a life that will bring Him glory.  He has given us not only a bunch of information, but He has given us a Savior to know and follow.  It is in Jesus Christ that we find all that we need to live this life out, no matter what challenges are in the way.  The reason this is possible is because this knowledge is an intimate knowledge.  It is a real, living, exciting relationship with Jesus Christ.  Our role is to follow and obey Jesus Christ.  When we do that, we will succeed in living this life to His glory.

When we stop and realize we are not being called to become something impossible, our attitude toward challenges changes.  The financial burdens seem small when we look at them in light of all God has given to us in Christ.  The cancer doesn’t control the identity of someone who knows that they have been given all they need to live a life of godliness where they are.  The marriage in shambles doesn’t destroy the faith of someone who knows Jesus Christ and looks to obey Him in it all.  The constant badgering from non-believing friends in bearable when it is viewed in light of the suffering of JEsus Christ and how that has provided preserving for daily living.

We are being told to live in the reality of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  It is in Him where we find all that we need to live this life to the glory of God. When we recognize that, there is no longer any place for an excuse.  It is now “I can live as you have called me to and I will do that by God’s grace.”



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