Staying In Tune With All The Major Food Groups

In conversation with people I often get asked about youth culture and how I could possibly keep up. Well, it changes so fast with so many influences entering in and then just as rapidly departing that I really can’t keep up.  (Harlem Shake anyone– and no that is not a milk shake flavor)  I read variety of youth culture updates in order to at least be aware of what is going on.  The best way to get information about what youth are doing is to ask them.  Our time in the vans on retreat I often use to ask about movies and music that they are listening to.  I have found that teenagers love to talk about movies and music.   I feel like if I can stay reasonably informed then I can speak into that culture.

I thought of this when I saw the clip below.  It inspired me because it illustrates the disparity that takes place between popular culture and the people who are confused by it.  It is a picture of what many parents and youth pastors are feeling.

So, I guess if we listen to all the major food groups then we will stay on the up and up jack!



  1. Hahahaha – Harlam Shake!!!!! 😉 But, I totally understand. We have to at least act like we have a clue to relate to THEM!!! When teaching Sunday School, I often throw in something so random but relatable to THEM (from a show or a saying I hear my own say), and it really gets their attention (not to mention a bunch of smiles). Good on ya!

    1. I find it interesting to see what catches on – phrases or dances — the internet creates an environment for people to ‘go viral.’ The question is: “what’s next?”

      I have found that it is not necessary to be up to date on everything because it provides a conversation piece. I try to stay aware via the CPYU and Homeword, to name a couple, that provide culture updates.

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