The Lego Jar (3/9/13) – Can you believe it has been a year?

I started the Lego Jar in February of last year and it was an instant hit.  It seems that my children are a never-ending supply of random.   I was amazed last night when my daughter started singing along, in her own way, to the son “Man or Muppet” from the most recent Muppets movie.  I will work on getting a video for later.

This week I thought I would share a few posts from the past – sort of the best of the best.  It is hard to pick only a couple of them, but they are all available at any time  if you need a laugh or an illustration.


The Lego Jar (3/3/12) – Just doing my thing – An epic game of I-Spy and squished water bottles.

The Lego Jar (4/21/12) – Hey dad, I fixed the latch!  – A trip to Boston, a repair and a new dessert.

The Lego Jar (7/7/12) – Turn up Dad’s Voice– A week with no voice and spider torture.

The Lego Jar (10/27/12) – Some like gold, some like spiral notebooks and cardboard – It is the simple things, like notebooks, that make children happy.


I hope you have a great weekend!  Join me next week for a new round of random!


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