Hey dad, let’s talk about heaven.

Sunset God masterfully works to help me  insert His truth into my children.  Last night the birthday boy was getting ready for bed while I was singing a few lines from the hymn When We All Get To Heaven.  I was not aware he was paying attention, since I do things like this a lot.  He interrupted my rude solo and said, “hey dad, will we see in heaven?”

I have learned over time that his initial question is not necessarily the question.  He is just thinking and wants to talk it through.

My reply- “yes, and who do you think we will see in heaven?”

His reply- “God. Jesus…”

I said, “that’s right.  What would you say to Jesus if you saw Him? ”

With no hesitation he said, “I love you.”

That was enough for me to feel like I won the discipleship award for the night, but I wanted to press in a little bit more.

I said, “do you know something really cool about heaven, besides that we get to see Jesus there, is that there is no sickness there.  There are no bad guys, only good guys. ”

He interrupted me again at this point and said, “well, yeah, because God is there.”

I guess he was preaching this sermon.

“hey dad, do we eat in heaven?”

I don’t know what it is about food in heaven, but this is a question that comes up in many groups.  Just at that moment my daughter bumped her head on the wall and I needed to help her.

This illustrates two salient points for parents.  First of all, you never know when the opportunity will be there to share your faith with your children.  Be ready!  Second, those moments start at unexpected times and end before you know it.  Be ready!

Children are watching, listening, and learning.  Let’s teach them well.


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