There are no throw away days, so make each one count!

My days off make me appreciate a few things.  For one, I appreciate time that I can ‘relax’ a bit.  I also appreciate time with my children and a night without a meeting.  I find that each day I am home has a uniqueness to it.  Sometimes I am frustrated with the amount of fighting going on, like during a winter break.  At other times,  I am amazed at how nice they get along, like during nap time.  Yet, as  obnoxious as these days sometimes are, I always look forward to them.   I mean what is not to like?

cute, right?

cute, right?

I had a date with my daughter to go grocery shopping.  She likes to tell me where the ‘nannas’ are and where the ‘apples’ are.  She also says a lot of other things to me that I don’t understand and she gives me as many hugs as I ask for.  If I say ‘pound it’ and hold out my fist she even fist bumps. She has an amazing smile and people all around is notice her.   This grocery shopping trip thing is something I have done with each of my kids.  It is a special time, in its weird sort of way.  In previous posts I have told about some of the interactions we have with people while doing out shopping.  I have watched as my kids have helped other people and shown some other act of kindness to someone.  Today I even had a lady say ‘good morning’ to me!  Can you imagine someone doing that in New England?   Kids bring that out in people.

I got back and changed a light switch with my youngest son.  He had his tools and I had mine.  We changed it in record time because of his ‘help.’

My older boys had a half-day of school which meant I needed to entertain them some.  We rearranged some of their Lego sets and did some ‘manly’ work in the basement.  It was actually cleaning, but if you call something ‘manly’ they think it is so cool they must participate.

I look at each of these days and wonder how quickly time is actually traveling.  Have I done all that I should do with them?  Have I adequately demonstrated my love for them and, more importantly, God’s love for them?  There are no throw aways in life.  We have one shot.  That means that each day is important. That means that this past weekend, when all of my family was sick except me, was not an awful day to be ignored.  It was an awful day that, while not my favorite, still mattered in the grande scheme of things.

The boys

The boys

Tomorrow is my second son’s birthday; he turns 6 years old.  A lot of this blog is about things he does.  He has a personality that is both comical and sweet.  This afternoon we spent some time ordering some Lego sets for him using his birthday money.  As he was getting into bed tonight he told me that he was worried about his Lego sets.  That kind of thing makes me smile.  He then reached up and gave me a kiss and I didn’t even ask for it.  It doesn’t get any better than that.   I will take a ‘normal’ day with the people I love than some fancy day with people I don’t really know.  After-all, my kids need me and quite frankly I need them also.



  1. Brothers are the kids that only you are allowed to beat up, and if anyone else does, they are toast. I always looked forward to your posts about kids. They often remind me of growing up. Yep, that little girl is a cutie.

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