The Lego Jar (3/2/13) – Be Kind, Rewind

It is always interesting for me to look back at the week and put this post together.  A lot of what goes on during the week is so random that I often forget it.  This week kindness seems to be the theme.

First a Question

“Hey dad, when we are done eating can you and me go to the store to buy three finger flashlights?”

She is At It Again

Our climber continues to climb.  I guess that is what they do, but it is amazing how quickly she is doing it now.


She is very proud of herself


Nothing says kindness like cake.  My kids decorated a cake as a thank you for our friends who let us come to their house during the blizzard.  We lost power during that weekend and would have been very cold at our house.

They are quite talented

They are quite talented

Kindness Awards

I have mixed feelings about the plethora of ‘feel good’ awards the school gives out.  But I was still proud of my son when he came home with a kindness award for helping a friend.  Ideally kindness would happen naturally.  But it seems that it is such an exception these days that they really need to encourage it.



I guess this has been a theme for him lately anyway.  There have been nights when he has done things, without us asking, to be helpful.  One night he put all pajamas out and even tucked the toothbrush in for his siblings.



Living the life

I took a picture of all the kids while they were on the couch.  The boys were buys with their game, but my daughter gave me some attention.  One of be boys said that she was living the life.  I am sure she agrees.

Living the Life

Living the Life

I hope you have a great weekend!




  1. I agree about there being too many awards at school, but I’m glad to see a kindness award. I think it helps encourage positive behavior in a good way. One of my employers had a program where you could give small spot awards to people as a thank you and it was disappointing how few people used it. There’s too much of “it’s your job” and not enough “I appreciate you” in the world.


  2. Amazing these days what they give kids awards for. I remember growing up, if someone bragged about doing something worthwhile, we would probably ask, “You want a medal or something?” These days, the answer is probably yes.

    Hard to argue with giving a kindness award though. Good for your son!

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