How are things coming along?

Before the fire

Before the fire

I have been getting asked a lot about the current situation we have at the church.    People want to know how we are handling the changes since our church burned down just about 3 months ago now.   Let me provide a brief update.

God is providing in ways that we might never have expected.  We have been meeting at the elementary school each Sunday for worship.  This has been a huge blessing for us since the location wonderful and the relationship we have with the school is amiable.  We have people coming to set chairs up each week and also to put the sound system together each week.  There are many more pieces to think about now, but God has been gracious to us as we have come together to meet the new realities.  We are learning and growing in unity through this.

New Office

New Office

God has also provided office space for us under very generous terms.  My office is much larger than it was before.  Of course I also have less stuff in my office because I lost it all in the fire.  That being said, we are very happy with the office space.  It sure beats trying to get things done at my house with the kids running around.  I am also starting to think a little clearer again, which is a huge answer to prayer for me.

We are thinking through different discipleship ministries because we don’t have the luxury of our own building anymore.  This has given us the opportunity to think about why we exist and to ask God what He might like us to be doing now. We have some more things to work out, but this is coming along.

The building plans committee has been meeting to explore all the various options and updates we might like to have in a new building.  This is a tricky process because we don’t want to be presumptuous as to what God would like us to be about in this community.   We do not want to get ahead of what God is doing, but we don’t want to be behind Him either.  People are watching closely now, so we want to represent our Lord well.

What is left of the building today

What is left of the building today

The sorrow that we have all experienced comes and goes still for many people.  My son tonight told me how sorry he was that my office burned.  It is sometimes hard to realize that the building is gone.  All of the talk about it being just a building, while in the right spirit, still does not fully capture the sense of loss we have experienced in this.  The church is not the building, but the building still was important to us.  It represented something to us and it is painful to cope with what took place.

We are doing well, though.  God is gracious to us.  We pray that His glory might be made known in a very powerful way in this community.  I know that God never wastes opportunities   This was not a random event.  What will come of it?  That we have yet to see.  I do take comfort in the God who does know the future.  If He is for us, who can be against us?



  1. You are correct that the church is not the building, but having a building with enough room makes a big difference for fellowship. I’ve seen this with start-up churches; after a while, the lack of a facility does make a difference. But yeah, making these decisions is hard.


  2. Glad to hear things are working out Derek. It always takes me back to the Bible verse, “If God will provide for the birds and the lilies of the field, why worry?” Now where should I send those Christmas cookies? 🙂

  3. I think you may be mistaken about it not changing the heart of the church. You touched on it. You are reevaluating what you were doing in the light of what would God really want you doing. Overall, that is the dedicated and faithful thing to do.

    1. What I am referring to is the church as the body of believers united by Christ. That has not changed. What has changed is our methods. I think that is a good thing overall, even if it came in the midst of challenging circumstances.

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