The Lego Jar 2/23/13 – Pictures to make you smile

We are to the Lego Jar again.  It is the place where random pieces from the weekend up just like the real Lego jar in our house gets all the Lego pieces that fall on the floor in our house.   This week I share a few pictures that just make me smile.  I believe that they will make you smile also.

Sleeping at dinner

A couple of my kids have the ability to fall asleep at dinner.  I have documented this with one of them. (Drop Where You Stop) (A New Season to Drop Where You Stop) – both of these open in new windows

If you have been paying attention you know that I shared this last week.  I share it again because it makes me smile.



Encouraging a student with cancer

I have mentioned a student who has had a long journey with cancer.  My kids have followed along and encouraged him along the way.  This week one of my sons made this picture for him.  One side was a picture and on the back was a note.





Helping a neighbor

During the blizzard a few weeks ago, we sent out oldest son down the road with a note with my cell phone number on it.  He was to give it to a single, older man with the message of “call if you need something.”  He never called, but he did send this note.  I love it because it captures what it means to be on mission with Jesus in our neighborhood.

thank you note

thank you note

Have a great weekend!  





  1. I love this documentation of the week. Yes, I smiled at the sleeping picture but I was also moved by yours and your children’s compassion to those around you. “Train up a child.” Wonderful job!

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