The Lego Jar (2/9/13) – Relentless

Over the last year the Lego Jar has chronicled many anecdotes of my boys.  There are many to share and will be many more to come.  This week I would like to highlight my daughter.  She is an active 1-year-old who has been relentless in her desire to climb things.   She especially likes climbing onto tables.

Nothing to see here 


She plays this quite well.  I mean look at how cute she is!  How could she be up to anything?

Then you look away


Then you try to keep her off the table


Then she climbs on that


Then she climbs on the table again (or a different table) 


That is not all that happened this week.  I have three other tidbits for your reading pleasure today.

Running through the sprinkler

We were talking at lunch one day about summer and running through the sprinkler.  All of a sudden my 3-year-old was in his bathing suit with the sunscreen.  When I asked him if it was too cold he told me it was fine since he would wear his jacket.


Then he put on new feet

Later on he came in with “new feet.”  That is what he told me.


They drew on the washing machine

This is actually alright since it was with washable markers.  In fact, we encourage them to write on it.  This time my 5-year-old drew us doing something.  I just can’t remember what it was.

IMG_2666We also went to his curriculum night.  At the beginning they served a slice of pizza and some water.  We got our food and sat down.  The next thing out of his mouth was:” hey dad, we should pray.”  Before I could answer he bowed his head and started praying. “Dear God, thank you for this day and this food.  I pray that we have a good time here tonight.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen.”  I asked him if he prayed at lunch at school and he said, “no because people might think I am sleeping.”

I loved that!

Have a great weekend. 



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