Snow Storm In A Kid’s World

Every time there is some sort of weather event I find myself getting annoyed with the media hype.  I understand the importance of getting information out.  I don’t understand the need to be overly dramatic about it.  In the interest of public safety, I would like to provide some advice on surviving a snow storm.  The caveat is that this one will not come with a press conference, a government official who is supposed to know something, or cameras.  It will come with practical advice that can only be gained in the world of a kid.

Buy Ice Cream 

I know it sounds strange, but this is a genius move in the winter.  Often times with the heavy snow and wind comes power outages.  Power outages are annoying when you want to cook food.  But when you have ice cream you can eat it at any time.  You just store it out in the cold and grab what you need when you need it.  Don’t worry about being cold.  It is ice cream and is supposed to be cold.

snowRun Around

One way to help the ice cream warm up is to run around in the snow.  There is an added bonus of water everywhere for you to eat, so you never have to go inside.  Don’t be afraid of snow; it won’t hurt you.  Run in it. Play in it and build something with it.  My kids want me to build an igloo.  I am not quite there yet.

Ride Your Bike

Bikes are not just for summer.  If you want some real excitement, ride your bike around in the snow.  Sure you will fall down, but that is what makes it fun.  For the pros I recommend riding without hands and blindfolded.


For some reason people have gone crazy in preparation.  I know it is important to have what you need so that you are not in danger.  But if you are prepared, relax.  It will be alright.  Play a game.  Read a book.  Just relax and enjoy the ride.   If a tree falls on your house, maybe you could build a fort out of it.

Shovel Often

The kids love to shovel, so put them to work.  If you plan it right they will shovel the walkway and maybe even your car off for you.  Well, maybe you don’t want them to shovel your car off, but you get the idea.

Go On An Expedition

This is a great idea, especially if you have boys in your house.  Tell them you are going on a little journey and bundle them up to hike.  You don’t need to go anywhere, but you do need to use your imagination.  Adults: It is a great idea to use your imagination.  Ready– imagine you are imaging this.   Did you survive?

Play Dual Survival

Pretend like you have been stranded on Antarctica and you need to survive.  Build a fire, eat bark, and just have a great time with it.  While the rest of the world around you hides and watches the non-stop media reports, you can be trying to find your way our of the frigid south.    To add to the excitement of this you might want someone to walk around barefoot.

Laugh- Live

What this comes down to is getting out of your adult world and enjoying the snow again.  I know I grew up in Wisconsin and am not always excited about snow.  But even the little bit of snow that we do get each year sends my children into a frenzy.  Laugh and live a little with them.    These times matter more than they might seem at the moment.

What other things have you done to make snow storms fun?

Here is a video from a few years ago.



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