God’s Goodness in His Actions

icecream“Hey dad, when I am a dad I am going to eat ice cream all day long.”  This is the sound of a typical child who does not understand the concept of ‘too much of a good thing.’   I usually hear this when we have some sort of dessert after dinner because, well let’s be honest, dessert is awesome.  This is only part of the underlying premise here.  We love to be in charge and do whatever we want to do.

I recently had a discussion with some people about why God does what He does.  So much of our experience here in this world gets filtered through this lens of “I want to be happy and I’m not.”  God operates in a different, but good, way.  Today I want to leave you with a couple of verses to ponder.  So many people read these verses and think God is somehow arrogant or mean.  That is not at all the truth.  The fact that God is good and will continue to be good helps us to make sense of some of the struggles in this world.

May God speak to you and encourage you through His Word today.

“I know the LORD is great and that our Lord is greater than all gods.  The LORD does whatever pleases him, in the heavens and on the earth, in the seas and all their depths.” – Psalm 135:6-7

What thoughts do you have about these two verses?


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