When the blessing comes around to you.

One of the best parts of a loving church family is their desire to invest in other people.  I know I have been blessed as I have taken time to interact with some of the youth at some sort of school event or other outside activity.  Just showing up speaks volumes.  What has started to happen now is my own children are  finding themselves on the receiving end of this.  There are various adults who will give up time to show my children some support.  It has made me understand the value in that all the more.

IMG_20130205_190942Tuesday night I took all four children to the high school for something my oldest was doing.  He is involved with uni-cycling and they were going to be performing at half time of one of the basketball games.  What a joy it was for me to see some of our church people there to watch him.  One of them even asked him for an autograph.  You should have seen his face.

The church is about more than showing up on Sunday.  We live in the context of community.  We love each other, cry with each other, and celebrate the life of faith we have.  Having more people who love the Lord coming alongside my children is a blessing that means more than I can adequately articulate.  I guess what goes around does actually come around.  If you don’t believe me, check the video out.

This leads me to a challenge for me and for you.  How are you intentionally investing in other people?  I know that might sound scary.  But it is not just the role of pastors to come alongside people.  This is the job of the entire church.  It is not too difficult, but it does take time.  Showing up at something that is meaningful to a student, or a family, will make an impact.

Here is a short video I shot of the event.  Keep in mind that I was wrangling a couple of children as I shot this video.  My son is the one that comes around the far side at the two second mark and then comes closest to us as he makes the circle.



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