The Lego Jar (2/2/13) – Who gave the 3 year old a scissors?

In any given day my kids say something that, if taken out of context, might make people question our ability to parent.  Often I tweet these as “Overheard in my house:….”  I did tell one of them to stop hitting their sister with a hammer the other day.  They moved on to other mayhem   The truth is that my three boys are 100% boy.  When you add up the sum of all three parts you get, well a lot of boy. I will share a picture here that I took at the bus stop yesterday.  Can you tell anything about the personalities of them from the picture?

The boys

The boys

The other day my wife was giving me a haircut while my 3-year-old held the scissors.  Yes, go ahead and re-read that sentence.   He didn’t seem to be doing anything with them, but I had my glasses off so I couldn’t really see.  It wasn’t until my wife was sweeping the floor that we found his brown hair mixed in with mine.  Of course he cut his hair.   It is hard to see, but he just went ahead and took a little off the top. I will share two photos here.  The first is his mug shot pose and the second was after I told him to smile.

mug shot

mug shot

Just a hair off the top

Just a hair off the top

Their sister is not innocent.  She has learned some things from her brothers.  One of the biggest is to watch for the pantry door being opened and to get in there.  As I showed last week, she will dig in and get handfuls of crackers.  The evidence is there too with her zebra hanging out in the pantry.



So my boys decided they would try to eat a spoonful of cinnamon.  If you want some entertainment give it a try. I don’t think they will do it again.  As a side note, my 3-year-old did tell me this week that he will “hold the cake and he will be careful.”  I did not take him up on that offer.  I do believe people who tell me “your kids can’t hurt anything” have seriously underestimated my kids.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  I suggest you don’t give a scissors  or cake to your young children this weekend.



  1. The only thing I have ever been afraid of is what my children were not afraid of. Scissors are one of those things for which they have no fear…

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