My School Bus Youth Ministry – The Unexpected

IMG_2086Most days of our life follow a fairly predictable pattern.  I know that doesn’t mean that every day is the same.  I get that.  I work with teenagers and have children of my own.  Within the realm that we work in is somewhat of a predictable day.  One afternoon I arrived at the elementary school with my school bus to a normal scene.  As I sat there,  a car approached and stopped.  This car was  being chased by a police car.  Well, that is interesting.  The car came into the school parking lot and stopped.  The police got out and drew their weapons.  I had a front row seat to my very own episode of “Cops.”  I suddenly realized that in just a few minutes they were going to let the school kids out of the school.  There was a potentially dangerous situation in the making.  We quickly alerted the school and they kept the kids until the situation was resolved. There are often no well-defined processes for what you should do in situations like that.  You need to be ready to act in the unexpected.

Youth ministry is no different.  I have had those phone calls when someone in the community has committed suicide or someone’s family is having serious problems.  The question that I ask God is: “What is my response to this?”  Ministry doesn’t always happen in the predictable   Sometimes the most meaningful ministry you can have is in those unexpected moments.  It is when God speaks through you  words of hope to someone who needs it and is often ready to listen.


This is part of The Sunday Series “My School Bus Youth Ministry.”  If you missed others, check out The Sunday Series tab above.  


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