The Lego Jar (1/26/13) – Life, just life

The Lego Jar this week will be a little smaller because it seems like the constant swirl of this flu season keeps hanging around our house.  We seem to be trending in the right direction, which is a nice thing since this weekend is another youth retreat for me.  This week’s Lego Jar highlights a couple of important life events for two of my kids.


After waiting to be seen for a month, my oldest son was finally able to get his glasses.  This means he can see again.  I guess we take that for granted, but boy does he notice that now.




My 3-year-old son went to the dentist for the first time this week.  He had a great time, but he said nothing.  He gives people a blank stare when he is asked questions.  They are not even difficult questions.  “What is your name?”  “How old are you?” That is just his personality.  But in the beauty of children and the way they appreciate things he came home with new stuff! He was very excited about that.

I got new stuff!

I got new stuff!



My daughter has figured out how to open things in the pantry.  This means we need to make sure to leave the door closed.  If it is even slightly open, she will go in there and pull things out.  I came around the corner the other day and she had a mouth full of crackers and her arm fully inside the box getting more.  She has learned something from her brothers.

Snack time!

Snack time!

In other news, my boys found a frozen bird this week. If you remember from the spring, they really like birds.  We had a nest in a tree off our deck. (post on that)  It really bothered them as they talked about it a few different times.  My 5-year-old told me that he poked it “just one time” to see if it was dead.  He then proceeded to pray at supper that the bird went to heaven.  I just think that is very cute.

Have a great weekend! 



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