I sat and watched.

waiting roomI sat and watched.  It was not that I was supposed to watch, I just had nothing else to do.  A pharmacy is an interesting place in the middle of an above average flu season.  Me, well, I am there for a similar reason.  They tell me that they will call my name soon, but soon is sure taking a while.  The steady stream of people coming in and picking things up is somewhat annoying to me in my feverish state. I waited, though, what else was I going to do?

To my right was a young man, probably 22 years old.  He was waiting too, but he was obviously not feeling like me.  I noticed he managed to eat an entire bag of beef jerky and an orange drink while he waited.  Me, well, I sat in the chair and waited.

A little while later an older couple came in.  He went to the counter to pick up his prescription  but they needed more information.  This man is a first timer.  He took care of the necessary questions about insurance and took the seat next to me.  In the mean time his wife came to check on him.  He just made a few hand gestures at her and she went over to the greeting cards and began looking at the funny ones.  He just sat, like me, and waited.

It wasn’t too long before they called jerky boy’s name and then the man next to me.  His phone rang as he was getting up and the conversation revealed that he had some sort of sudden health issue he was trying to get a handle on.  The person on the other end was clearly concerned about what was going on.  In the mean time his wife was trying to get the prescription for him.

“That will be $55” said the cashier.  There was a moment of pause and then she got her husband off the phone.  The cashier continued, “insurance paid $83.  The doctor specified a name brand on this.”  A few moments of quiet back and forth between the two indicated that this was more than they thought it should be.   I sat and watched this with empathy   For a moment I thought about getting up and paying for their prescription   I mean, obviously the man has a condition and they can’t afford the medicine.  A life is worth more than any amount of medicine.   But I didn’t.  I didn’t because I knew that I did not have the cash in hand to do that.

They pulled out a credit card and paid for it that way.  I finally got my prescription and was on my way.  I was bothered by what happened.  I want to be in a place where I can see a need in front of me and be able to help them.  I have no idea if they could afford it or not.  I do know that it would have been at least a nice gesture if I would have went up and told them I would help them out.  Can you imagine what would happen if more people did that?

The other thing that gets to me is the opportunity that I might have missed.  Was it God who was prompting me to get up and somehow help them, or was it just my fever?  If it was God, would it make any difference if I had the money or not?  I don’t know if God was prompting me to do something or not.  I do know that this does inspire me to look around  a little more.  I waited for a long time to get a simple prescription, while sick, and God showed me something.    I wonder if we need to wait a little more.  How much is being missed because we are in such a hurry?

At that moment, God wanted me to wait and see what was going on.  And while I didn’t talk with them, it did open my eyes to some simple needs people face right in my own community.   It also gives me a goal to be at a place where I am able to be generous with people.

You know now that I think about it, I was supposed to watch.


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