The Lego Jar (1/19/13) – Yes, I know everything

An interesting thing happens as children grow.   They go from looking to you for everything to looking to correct everything you do. My children are no exception to this.  This week’s Lego Jar highlights how much my children actually do know.

Typical meal at our house

Typical meal at our house

The inspiration for this week came at a dinner time discussion one night.  My two oldest boys were having a debate about who was the smartest.  Here is the conversation between my 8-year-old and 5-year-old:

5-year-old: “I know everything, of course I do.”

8-year-old: “No you don’t.  Do you know what 1,000,000 plus 10,000 is?”

5-year-old: “2000” –*pause*  Okay, I know everything except that.”

8-year-old: “Do you know what zero plus zero is?”

5-year-old: “1,000” -*pause* Okay, I know everything except those two things.  I know that a cardinal is red!”

With that the conversation went into a debate about whether the dad cardinal is red or the mom cardinal is red.  As you can see, they are quite smart.

Another random thing was brought up at a meal this week.  My 5-year-old told us about a dream he had.

“hey mom, I had a dream that you were at my school using the microphone and all we had to drink was honey.”

Dreams don’t always make sense.

They are fairly creative.  This week they made a few things with play dough that are worth the mention.

First of all, my son made a wedding cake.  If any of you are getting married, you might want to try hiring him to make your cake for you.  As you can see, it is well done.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

The other thing was a little re-make of the incident captured on film of the two giraffes beating each other with their long necks.  If you havent seen it, it was featured on the Discovery Channel show “Africa.”    If you missed out on it then this is a pretty good replica.

Dueling Giraffes

Dueling Giraffes

Friday was a day off school for my kids.  This means that my kids roam around the house in a stupor looking for things to do.  They decided they were going to make a newspaper.  On the sports page my son made a prediction about the Red Sox season this year.  I thought it was pretty funny.  I think that those of you who are Yankee fans will especially appreciate it.

Highest scoring game?

Highest scoring game? 35-0

A few weeks ago my children decided to rebuild the church.  The real timeline is too slow for them.  They went for the version made from Duplos.  I don’t know which one of the guys I am.  I will let you decide.

New Church

New Church

I leave you with this today.  I started using Instagram this week and found it to be a lot of fun to work with.  Here is a picture of my youngest son “lawning” the grass.

Lawning the grass

Lawning the grass

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. You have amazingly creative kids! I loved everything they made!
    As for the dream … Maybe it is a God dream. Honey … School … Mum speaking … Microphone … Ask him if it was in colour day or night and if there was anything else.

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