When Sharing is No Longer Caring

Sharing is important

Sharing is important

We are taught from early on to share because sharing is caring.  That is until the  flu spreads rapidly and public opinion on sharing tapers off.   Someone to share life with is something we all long for in a spouse and in friendships.  Sharing of ideas is what draws people together in academic settings to learn and study.  Sharing makes us appreciate what we have and how we might be helpful to someone else.

Social media has made the word ‘share” synonymous with spreading a picture or video around.  We share news stories and interesting things we find online instantly.  At the bottom of my blog posts there are buttons to share it on various websites and many people do that with a click.  Sharing provides ample information for us.

But in ‘App for that’ age we may be on the verge of ‘sharing is no longer caring, now it is creepy.”  There are now apps available that allow people to share just about anything through the internet.  One such website allows people to share meals with complete strangers for a price.  There are websites where people share clothing, dogs, and even leftovers.  I guess that is a college student’s dream app.

Where does the line get crossed from just being frugal to being selfish?  There is some discussion going on about a company that wants to match people who aren’t able to have their own children with people willing to share their children.  This is not about taking someone’s children to the for an afternoon.    Instead they match up people in order for them to co-parent over the course of the child’s life.  They are talking about sharing all of their child’s life with another person they meet through a website.  Does anyone else find anything completely crazy about that?

No I am not sharing

No I am not sharing

I can appreciate the desire to be frugal, but what ever happened to having your own children through adoption?  If you are not able to have children, there are ways to have your own child to take care of.  This supposed solution presents a whole bunch of questions for me.  What parent would allow their child to be patented by some stranger?  How do you match discipline philosophies?  How do you teach values or faith? Who is responsible for paying for medical bills, school sports, or their wedding?  What if the child wants nothing to do with the other parent?   Do they even get a voice in this?

The way I see it, this has more to do with laziness than it does about actually sharing.  Parenting is hard work.  It involves giving more of yourself than you ever thought possible.  We do it all so that our children will succeed.  To pass that off on someone else in order to lighten the load or supposedly help someone who cannot have a child is absurd at best.  Our children need consistent parents.  There is enough brokenness in families without adding something like this.  Thankfully there is no momentum to this at the moment.  Let’s just hope it goes away.


For an article on this go to Dinner with Strangers (opens in new window)


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