Some Normal

The retreat season begins today for us.  As I said last year, retreat really isn’t the right word for the guys since guys don’t retreat. Having said that,  this year’s retreat comes after a very unusual ending to last year for our youth ministry.  I get the sense God is ready to do something unexpected in the lives of our teenagers.

The interesting thing about retreat this year is how ‘normal’ it feels.  I have been working at home and making constant changes to our ministry program schedule.  All that I had known at the church is no longer there.  (except the people and the Lord of course) We are in a very fluid environment as we try to figure out what to do and when.  To say nothing has felt normal would be an understatement.

This morning I find myself packing and preparing my heart for a time away.    It will feel normal for our students and will be an opportunity for us all to connect around what God might want to do.   As I consider retreat, I pray for a few ‘normal’ things to take place.

Worship – I pray that our group would willingly surrender their hearts to the God who is forever faithful.

Fellowship- I pray that our group would love on another and others.  It would be wonderful if there would be mingling between groups of friends that don’t normally mingle.  It would also be great if some of the petty disagreements from the past year would be gone.

Spiritual Growth– I pray that God would powerfully speak to our students and that this would propel them forward in their faith.

May God get the glory in this weekend and may we experience some healing as a church as we move forward.




    1. That is correct. We are currently in a very fluid environment and leaning heavily on the Lord for His direction. For us the main thing is that we are meeting together. Retreat turned out to be a tremendous time away together.

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