Happy New Year – A Year in Review


Happy New Year

It is the time of year when people make resolutions.   It is a new year and some of you are more excited about that than others.  As I reflect on 2012, I realize God’s faithfulness in many circumstances.  Today I will share a few post highlights by month for those of you who have been here, or those of who are new to my blog.

Happy New Year to all of you and thank you for reading, commenting, and follow along with me on my journey.  —-

January 2012 

One of the funnest things for me is watching my children apply the things that they learn to daily life.  To that end, I wrote a post, among many others,  in January about how my kids are walking parables.  — Children are Walking Parables 

February-March 2012

In what has been one of the more read parts of this blog, the Lego Jar began as a random post in February. It would seem that people have enjoyed hearing about the random, which has made the Lego Jar a lot of fun to think about all week. Here is that first one, but all of them are under the “Lego Jar” tab — The Lego Jar (2/25/12) 

April 2012 

I wrote a guest post for another blog about parenting and how children teach us how things really are. It turns out that people relate to that. — The Learning Curve  We also took a trip to the herring run in April and saw a powerful illustration of our life as followers of Jesus in this world — Going Against the Flow

May 2012

In May we went for a walk and my son cleaned the road with a brush.  — Cleaning the road one brush at a time

June 2012 

In June the boys rode their bikes in a bike ride raising money for The Jimmy Fund.  It was a highlight for me to watch them get involved in something so meaningful. — Riding for a Good Cause 

July 2012

In July we took two short trips.  One was a trip I took to Six Flags with my oldest son.  — He Already Wants to Drive  The other was a few days we spent in New Hampshire, which was a highlight of our summer. — The Lego Jar (7/14/12) – Taking the Kids Out

August 2012

We were on vacation for part of August, so there were a few posts on that.  One was of our trip to Bookworm Gardens.  — Bookworm Gardens

September 2012 

I write about more than my family, one of the things I write about is current events that matter to me as a Christian.  There was one in September that was quite interesting — The Gospel According to Random Pieces of Paper

October 2012 

The fall arrived on the Cape.  I think it is my favorite season here — I’ll Take the Fall

November – December 2012

The last part of the year was overshadowed by our church building being burned down by an arsonist.  I wrote a handful of posts on that, and there will be more to come.

Where is Our King

Are we going to our broken church?

Some through the Fire, but all through the blood

There is only total gain through Christ

It has been a productive year here, and I look forward to what the new year has for us all.

Happy New Year!



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