The Lego Jar (12/29/12) – Holiday Thrills Without The Bills

This Christmas was a great one, don’t you agree?  We managed to create and buy just the perfect gifts for our children.  The budget was set and the gifts are all paid for.  This is more of a side note to this post, but it bears mentioning because of the appeal to spend, spend, spend.  This Lego Jar post will show our Christmas this year.  I hope you enjoy it.  While you are at it, please let me know what was something you enjoyed this Christmas.

We received some gifts, so we went out to dinner one night.  This is something we never do, so it was a real joy for our children.  They were bouncing they were so excited.  After the meal we got a mint.  My 3-year-old thought that I said ornament.  He quickly informed me that he wanted an ornament too for his tree.

She has figured out the whole gift thing

Last year we had a small baby at Christmas.  She didn’t really get what we were doing with gifts.  This year she got the hang of it quickly.


Here is her kitchen that we made for her.  My wife did most of the work, but it was made out of cardboard and some simple things we collected.  It turns out that these things cost a lot less when you make them yourself.


She was also cute in her dress.


The boys had a great Christmas also.  We made their biggest Lego creation yet.  It was 780 pieces and took us about hours to put together.


We had our Christmas program this past weekend at the school, since our church burned down.  My boys were both involved.


That wraps up this week’s Lego Jar.  I hope you all have a Happy New Year!



  1. That’s an incredible Lego building – really neat! Your daughter certainly loves the camera – her red dress is so very cute and I like her kitchen – your wife did a good job.

    Have a Happy New Year!


    1. I had to literally follow her around with the camera to get a decent one. She does not cooperate with me at all. A little patience and many shots later and I have what I am looking for. The kitchen turned out. We are finding that the boys play too rough with it, but it is perfect for a 1 year old girl. — Happy New Year to you as well.

  2. Awesome:). My fav part of Christmas this year was afterward when my middle son, Tim, told me that his girlfriend (unsaved and Jewish) told him she felt like she had really experienced Christmas for the first time. God at work is the best gift; and its free!!

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