But it’s not snowing!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

People have been dreaming of a white Christmas for years, making the song “White Christmas” an extremely popular song.  There is something magical about waking up on Christmas day to new snow.  To those that find there to be beauty in the snow, it seems to add the proverbial whipped topping to the top of what is already a wonderful piece of pie.  It is wonderful to see the calming nature of fluffy snow.  To those of us who celebrate Jesus Christ, it is also a meaningful metaphor of the Savior born to make our sins ‘as white as snow.’

I have lived on Cape Cod for six years and we really haven’t had that much snow.  We get snow, just not like I was used to when I lived in Minnesota.  The prospects of a white Christmas don’t generally look good.  My kids don’t seem to understand this truth.  They believe that since it is Christmas, it automatically needs to snow.  They even talked about what they would do in the snow before they went to bed on Christmas Eve.  I tried to be the voice of reason only to be met with: “but, it is Christmas tomorrow dad!  It has to snow!”

How can you argue with that?  They went to bed and prayed for snow.  We woke up and it was 45 degrees and raining.  They didn’t seem too upset by it, except for a few comments about how nice it would be if it snowed.  They even saw some snow on a movie and said, “see dad, that is how it is supposed to look.”

When it comes to Christmas, the little things are what matters most.  Candy canes, calculators, small notebooks, and pens make for an exciting Christmas at my house.  If it would have snowed there would have been pure pandemonium.  They are still praying for snow, but are alright with Christmas coming without it.       My 5-year-old told me last night that we should pray for snow because God can do anything.  I agree!  Let’s watch and see what God will do.



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