The Lego Jar (12/22/12) – Merry Christmas

This week I present to you a few pictures which describe some of what took place.   If you are new to the Lego Jar, I encourage you to take a look at some past posts to get a flavor of what these are about.  They are basically about the random parts of the week.

For example, my son asked me this week how to spell the letter ‘C’ – You just can’t make this stuff up!

I mentioned last week how my daughter has enjoyed dressing up, or just putting on clothes that are too big for her.

Wearing her brother's shirt.
Wearing her brother’s shirt.

She took it to a whole new level when she decided to get into a pot.

hot tub?
hot tub?

My 5-year-old son got tubes put into his ears this week.  He had the time of his life, seriously.

This looks like a picture they would have in one of their magazines.


The big question of the week had nothing to do with Jello this week!  This time it was: “What if we were all crayons?  I think you would be blue.”  I am not even sure what to think about that.

And now for a little blast from the past.  Since I have been working at home, I have purchased a new office printer.  It has a scanner on it, so I tried it out.  I scanned a picture of me fishing the summer of 2001.  I would say I haven’t changed a bit!


Have a great weekend!  Merry Christmas.

7 thoughts on “The Lego Jar (12/22/12) – Merry Christmas

  1. Derek, I look forward to this column every week. Even read your other daily posts. Fishing photo is great. John and I have a printer that scans too. Hope that you are well and that you have a good Christmas with your family. Give Jenny and the kids a hug from Grandma Lynn. Keep writing.

  2. I love the baby in the pot. How very sweet.

    Have a joyous Christmas and a bright new year, Derek. You have been a blessing to me this year.

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