He Builds His Church As Promised

Where am I?

Where am I?

Before church on Sunday my kids had a movie on about a kid who was in some alternate dimension.  The movie was a bit out there and weak in the plot, but it was an interesting concept.  What would happen if we were to suddenly be placed into a parallel universe, like what happened in Back to the Future II?  As I watched, I couldn’t help but feel some sort of connection with that even now.  I cannot describe to you, or anyone for that matter, how completely out of the ordinary the last two weeks have been.  I think it has a lot to do with how suddenly things changed.  It is almost as if we were suddenly thrust into another dimension.    We have new routines and rhythms   We have new things to think about, some of which we have never really thought about before.  There are people to organize, equipment to buy, and people to talk with.  I have been working from home, which is a whole new adjustment for our family.

God is at work in the midst of this.   We must not forget how He is building His Church.

 A new appreciation for the church has been felt by many people.  You know how people say that they don’t know how much something means to them until it is gone.  This has been the case over the last few weeks.  We have people working together to set up chairs, move tables, and set up sound equipment each week.  We have people organizing supplies for the nursery, thinking through Sunday School classes, and getting organizational items in place.  The body of Christ is working together in a way that hasn’t been as obvious in recent months.

A refreshed appreciation for the community has also been extremely obvious to us.   I know that the calls for support were to be expected, but it was surprising the number of calls we got with offers to help.  The community has really stepped up to help.  God is at work making a name for Himself in this community!

A refined mission seems to be in the works.  I know in the youth ministry I am considering who we are, where we are going, and what it is that God might be calling us to change.  When you don’t have a church building anymore it changes how you think about ministry programs.  I believe only good can ultimately come of this in the long-term.  In the short-term it creates some stress for all of us.

A sense of God’s grace to us has been felt and seen by people around us.  God not only has walked through the fire with us, but He has shown His favor toward us in the midst of this transition.

An amplified heart for lost people is also being sensed by some people.  I know my 5-year-old son was praying at supper last night when he said, “dear God, I pray that the person in jail gets food tonight.”  I couldn’t believe what he was praying!  When asked about who he meant he told us he was praying for the man who “fired” our church.  Would God be pleased to make my 5-year-old son keenly aware of this man’s need for a Savior?  I pray it may be so.

I saw in the paper yesterday that the church in Hyannis has just started rebuilding after their fire in March. Their fire was because of some electrical issue, but it still managed to destroy the entire building there.  That means it took them about 8 months to start their rebuild.  To think that we have so much time of planning and work to do can seem daunting.  Yet we are resting in the promise of Jesus Christ.

“And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.” Matthews 16:18

We were definitely surprised at the sudden place we find ourselves in.   I know I went to bed on November 29th with no thought of anything about to happen.  That all changed early the next morning.  We have been called to a journey which does hold many surprises to us.   One thing we are not surprised of is the goodness of our God!  With Him in control we have nothing to fear.






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