Everyday Blessings Just Keep Coming

This has been a strange week.  Last Thursday I left my office at the church without realizing that it was my last day doing so.  As with anything unexpected, it threw me off.  I have found that it is in these times that God shares some very unexpected blessings.  He has never let me down.

Blessings-- They are all around us

Blessings– They are all around us

Yesterday morning  was a normal morning.  My 5-year-old son gets up too early and ends up in bed with us.  He usually moves around so much that my wife decides she will get up.  He wants to stay with me until I get up.  That might be fine and special, expect he is constantly asking me if I am ready to get up yet.  The blessing comes when he reaches over and says, “hey dad, who’s your little fishing buddy?”  I usually reply with, “I don’t know.”  He then replies, “me dad.  You know we should really go fishing soon.”  I love that!  It blesses me more than he realizes.

We got up and he got himself ready for school.  At one point he went into the bathroom and started to sing at the top of his lungs.

“I lift my hands to believe again.  You are my refuge you are my strength. As I pour out my heart these things I remember, you are faithful God forever.”

After all we have been through this past week emotionally, it was just what I needed to hear.  I just sat and listened as my 5 year old worshipped the Lord.  That blesses me and, more importantly, blesses God.

He went to school and my wife and other children went to the grocery store.  While there my 3-year-old reminded me again that I am his friend.  He helps me use the self-scan and always has time to stop to chat with the lobsters.

We then took a trip to the school to pick up my  5-year-old son who had a doctor appointment.  He had a great time.  First he got into the chair and started playing with the arms.  Then he got to go into a sound proof booth and put headphones on.  He then got to get back into yet another chair with arms that move.

Back in the van we went and wouldn’t you know it, the song he sang in the bathroom in the morning came on my i-Pod.  He sang it at the top of his lungs again and then he asked me to repeat it.  Of course, I gladly did that.

The next part of the day was spent at a local community center decorating cupcakes and packaging cookies to deliver this afternoon to the 6 fire departments that came to the church fire last week.  We want to express our appreciation for their hard work.   I am humbled by the response of everyone.  I will post some pictures in the Lego Jar this week.

At supper my 5 year old wanted to pray for the meal.  “Dear God, thank you for this good supper.  I pray that you watch over the firefighters who were at the church fire.  I pray that they get rest.  I pray that we have a good day tomorrow.  In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.”  Yes, that is a blessing, you guessed it.

cancer4As life carries on each day for all of us we are the recipient of many everyday blessings.  Have you ever noticed them?  There are people who are a part of your daily life who you might never even notice – should you be?  I just am wondering what would happen if we truly counted our blessings, both material and relational.  This being the Christmas season, maybe it is time to do that.  I bet you run out of paper before you run out of blessings.

Here is the song my son was singing this morning – I hope it blesses you like it did me.  “Let faith arise!”



  1. One great little exercise that I’ve done for years is to start the day with three small thank you notes. They don’t have to be big things – but tell three people that you appreciate something they did the day before. It really makes you wake up and observe the blessings you have.


        1. I write thank yous to teens and send them through the mail. Sometimes they are notes of encouragement also. The response is amazing because so few of them receive mail at all and even fewer receive encouragement through the mail.

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