Through The Rubble God Speaks

As some of the rubble of the church has been sifted through a bit, a few things have turned up.  There were a few folders from my lateral file that were found.  They are soaked, but when I opened the folder I was amazed at what I saw.  This was no doubt God’s providence at work once again.  God is speaking through the rubble.

The folder was of sermons I preached while on my internship.  The sermon was titled: “Trust God…OK..Gulp!”    It seems like there is a theme emerging in the rubble.

Trust God.

Trust God.

We are called to wholeheartedly trust God.  In fact, back in October I wrote about this in a post. It seems quite fitting today.  (Post) – opens in new window

There is an anticipation in the air because we know God makes beauty from ashes.   As I drove past the church site last night, it was dark.  Yet, I couldn’t help but think about the joy that will come in the morning.  Darkness never wins and in this case darkness has already lost.





  1. Nice. This reminds me of a story about a certain missionary from years ago. He was abundantly positive and people often wondered how he could go on, even after getting turned down so many times. He said that with every person he met he pictured them in “temple white” clothes. He saw every one of them at their very best potential. Keep it that great attitude. I will check in more often.

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