Tuning In

Tune in…what?

We were talking about inventions at dinner the other night.  I told my kids that they should invent something that we could sell, and then we could take a nice vacation somewhere.   That was motivating for them, so  they started to rattle things off.

“Foldable plates”

“Walking T.V.”

For whatever reason we got to the telephone and then to cable television.  I started telling my oldest son about why they started doing cable television.  The main reason, as I understand it, was for  people in certain low-lying areas that could not pick up the reception.  So they put an antenna in a spot where they could get reception and ran wires to each home.   That is how simple it was at the time, but you can imagine the significance of it for people.  Today we have more channels than we could ever watch, nor do we care to watch.

If you think about it, this concept is an interesting one for the church.  People are in all sorts of different places in life.  Maybe they are in such a dark place that they don’t seem to be able to pick up any reception of God’s work.  It is not that God left them, they just are not tuning it.   They show up to church on a Sunday morning and suddenly they are able to receive that channel again.  It is like getting together with other believers helps them tune in again.

I have noticed a trend of people who claim that they don’t need to go to church in order to be a Christian.  No, you technically don’t need church to be a Christian, you need Jesus Christ to be a Christian.  However, without the community of believers walking beside you, declaring the praises of God,  it might be easy for you to get isolated and lose touch.   There is a need to be with others so that we are not easily led astray.  We all know how easily that can happen.   We need each other and all of us need God.


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