The Lego Jar (11/24/12) – Dirt, Rocks,Games

This week’s Lego Jar met a holiday.  Holidays mean a lot of things, but mainly it means I get to spend more time with my children.  That usually equals more random things for this weekly post.  This week does not disappoint.

We played a game of Sequence and my 5-year-old was having a hard time with it.  It was not that he didn’t understand.  He knew the rules of the game and understood that he needed to have the “exact” card in order to place his piece on the board.  Well, he ran into a bit of a dilemma.

How are these two different?

They decided to dig a hole this week.  They claim  that they are building a trap.  I don’t know.

They even have a cone!

Grandpa is here for a visit.  One evening he told the boys that they should sleep in a little in the morning.  This is something he said my boys don’t believe in.  My 5-year-old quickly chimed in, “no, I don’t believe in sleep; I believe in God!”  How can you argue with that?

In their digging in the yard they came upon a rock.  (imagine that)  They decided that they wanted to clean this rock up and give it to the local museum. They had seen a sign that said the museum was accepting donations.  I am not sure this is what they meant.

Have I mentioned that she is cute?  She has started to wear different back packs around the house.  Her brothers are rubbing off on her.   I guess that is alright.

Yep, cute!

I hope you have a great weekend!  



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