You know what they say….

It was my intention to spend Tuesday using the phrase “you know what they say” to start as many sentences as possible.  But, you know what they say, things are often look easier on paper.  Then there is that whole memory thing.  Yes, I forgot about it.  But, I had good reason.  My 3-year-old son and I took a trip to Boston to pick up Grandpa from the airport.    Whenever I travel off Cape with my kids there is always an element of adventure to it.  It is true that we don’t get out much, but even more than that is the way my kids take in the world.  It makes for interesting stories.

Ready to go! You know what they say, you just can’t be too prepared.

He grabbed his backpack and his hat and we were ready for the journey.  On the way we needed to make a few stops.  I had some grocery shopping to do, gas to purchase and kitty litter to buy.  He was ready for anything, including a jungle safari. He also had with him a few random toy tools.  You know what they say, you just can’t be too prepared.

We got onto the highway and were on our way.  He just sat quietly with his backpack next to him, staring out the window.  For those of you who know my children, you know that our youngest boy is the quietest of them all.  I actually think that he is soaking it all in for a future literary project of some sort.  We will see.  The first words he said to me was “is this the airport”?  This is another sign of how little we get out because it was the grocery store.

The store was not too crazy.  This is a good thing since my son wanted to push the cart.  This proved to be an interesting technique because I would stop to look at something and he would keep moving like some sort of conveyor belt.  It was like speed shopping and bumper cars wrapped into one.  He wanted to help.  You know what they say, it is never too early to start training your kids life skills, so I let him push.  We finished up, packed a few things in the cooler, and we were on the road.

Why do they close traffic lanes on holiday weeks?  Traffic stopped and my son said, “there are a lot of travelers.”  It was hard to understand what he was saying, but when I figured it out I realized he seemed to understand what I was feeling.  To make matters even more frustrating, people were rude and in a hurry.  You know what they say, calm down.

We managed to get to the gas station and there was a long line.  My son asks “why are we stopped?”  I pointed to the cars in front of me.  He said, “they should move.”  Once again he seemed to understand my feelings.

We got on the road again and made our final stop for a bag of kitty litter.  We walked into the store, grabbed the bag, and walked to the “express” lane.  The lady in front of us had two candy bars to purchase, so I thought we had selected the correct lane.  It would have been quick except she needed to dig through her purse to find her cash.  Then she had to recount it and look for change.   All of a sudden she realized she needed a pack of cigarettes also, which they sell in the express lane.   It was then back into the purse to look for some secret stash of money in there.  I guess I do see the irony of the word “express” here.   You know what they say, there is no rush, just hurry up.

Back to the van and back to the highway.  We were getting closer now, my son was having his snack, and there were brake lights again.  This time a car had rolled off the road into the ditch.   A few miles later there was another accident on the other side of the highway. It slowed us down quite a bit.

We made it back.  Our groceries were still cold.  My car was still upright and we had Grandpa.  It was a successful trip.

This is a picture of what most days look like, albeit with different scenarios.  But, you know what they say, it is good to give thanks!  I got back to church to finish my Thanksgiving message for the service Thursday and I realized I had so much to give thanks for.  Sure, I was annoyed because of all the delays in the day, but at least I could be annoyed by such trivial things.  I had the ability to purchase gas and groceries.  There are blessings in the waiting, like spending extra time with my son.  We had someone to pick up from the airport, and arrived safely.

Let’s not forget all those little blessings, even in something as mundane as a drive to the airport.  Time is just flying by and unless we slow down, we will miss those things.

You know what they say, don’t sweat the small stuff and it is all small stuff.


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