What if….

What if I drop the eggs….whoops

Charles Schulz, creator of the Peanuts comic strip, once said, : “Stop worrying about the world ending today. It’s already tomorrow in Australia.” That clever word play actually highlights some of the craziness people experience everyday.  We spend a lot of our time worrying about things we can’t control.  What if the sun explodes?  What if we fall of a fiscal cliff without any parachutes and never recover?  What if someone I love gets a life changing illness?  What if my favorite sports team ceases to exist? This can be even more dramatically displayed if you watch the show ‘Domesday Preppers.”

Worry does nothing to solve problems.  If anything, it makes a bigger problem in your mind out of a small issue.  I know if I dwell on something it always looks bigger than it actually is.  That simple comment that person made is now all out war complete with an arsenal of weapons.  The might have meant nothing by it, but I have been worrying about it and now I am ready to pounce.  Do you see how destructive that can be?

Worry does not change the outcome.  When have you ever changed something because you worried about it?  Worrying might help you think something through, but it doesn’t present a healthy way to do so.  Let’s say you have a job interview.  You spend the entire night before rehearsing lines in your mind.  One might say you are better prepared for the interview.  The problem is that when you arrive the next day nothing about your preparation turns out to be helpful.  If you just would have been yourself,without the added stress of worrying, you might have landed the job.  Instead you forgot your lines and were passed on for someone else.

Worry places us in God’s position.  This one is hard to swallow, but I am guilty of it also.  When we worry about everything we can’t control, we actually set ourselves up as someone who might be able to solve these issues.  This is not reality.  God is in control of it all whether we acknowledge it or not.  Our 5 year old son had to have an MRI when he was maybe 2 years old.  They were looking for something specific there.  We were concerned about it, but really needed to leave it up to God.  The truth is that whatever was there was there whether we worried about it or not.  There was no problem.

What if I get picked up by a child? Will I live? (says the worm)

Worry creates scenarios that might never happen.  My son used to worry about the doors being locked in the house.  We live in a very safe area, and we have never had anyone try to break into our house.  Still he was concerned that someone might break in and steal his toys while we slept.  This was not a very likely concern,  but worry creates new problems.   I say we don’t need to buy any trouble.  There is enough of it without us looking for more.

Worry messes up your healthy lifestyle.  Have you ever lost sleep over something?  Have you ever been concerned about how you would pay a bill, or whether or not something awful is about to happen to you?  Losing sleep does not help your body.  It adds stress and actually has a negative impact on you.  That bad thing about to happen to you might be the result of you worrying about a bad thing happening to you.

Jesus provided a helpful solution for this.

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.  Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. – Matthew 6:33-34

Worry does not honor God. He wants us to stop worrying about things that we cannot control.  Instead we are to focus on seeking first His righteousness and His Kingdom.  When we do that we find out heart’s true joy, rest and comfort is found only in Him.

What if we truly trusted God?  What if we accepted all of life as a key part of God’s plan for our lives?  What if we brought all that we were concerned about to God in prayer?    What if we took Him at His Word and passionately sought after Him, letting the results up to Him.

If we want to spend time worrying about something  we should worry about that.

4 thoughts on “What if….

  1. Great reminders.

    Why worry, when you can pray.
    Trust Jesus, He’ll be your stay
    Don’t be a doubting Thomas,
    Just rest upon His promise
    Why worry, worry, worry, worry,
    When you can pray.

    I haven’t thought of that song in quite a while 🙂

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