What if the sacrifice runs away?

Don’t worry, we will be nice

A local Islamic center ran into a problem recently when the ram they had bought for their sacrifice escaped.  They have tried repeatedly to catch this ram and have failed.  They get close and the thing runs.

I can’t say that I blame it.  After all, it was slated to be slaughtered for some sort of holy day sacrifice.   As I read the article, I was struck with the irony. (story)  The sacrifice had run away!  What was the protocol for something like that?   If it was a sin offering, would their sin now not be forgiven until the ram was caught?  If so, why the lack of urgency to catch it.   They are out there trying to a point, but if this is going to provide some sort of eternal significance I would think that there would be more urgency.  This leaves a few questions in my mind.

I have tried to put myself in the place of someone relying on this animal sacrifice   If that was what my faith was resting on, it would be an unsettling event.  I would be left wondering if there was some sort of loop-hole I could sneak into heaven on.  Maybe there were some exceptions that I could leverage for my benefit.   If the law is not followed fully, is it even followed at all?

As a follower of Jesus Christ we have a willing sacrifice   Our sacrifice  Jesus Christ, did not run away.  He willingly suffered so that we could be forgiven.  Isn’t it amazing what he went through for us? From the humiliation to the beating and then to the cross Jesus suffered in the most horrendous ways.   He was innocent, but still suffered for sin!  He shed His blood to pay the penalty for our sin.  Our job is to trust Him and what He has accomplished for us.  Isn’t it nice not to have to chase down the sacrifice?   The sacrifice will never run away, it is finished and we are forgiven.


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