Jesus Christ – The Way (Week 10) – Greater Than The Temple

Who is Jesus and why does He matter?

We are now in week 10 of the Sunday Series that looks closely at Jesus Christ as the Way.  Today we want to look at why we pick Jesus over all others and what that means for us.   

In his book “Why Jesus?” Ravi Zacaharis said: ” He is the Lord who makes reality beautiful and helps us to find him, even in the darkest corners of the world; not because of what we know or who we are or what we have accomplished, but because of who he is.”

Jesus doesn’t fit neatly into the politically correct crowd’s box.  He just is.  The truth is the truth and that is how it is.  Whether it is offensive or not, it does not change.   It is most certainly not just a bunch of rules, but rather it is a personal relationship.

Jesus Greater than Religion (20 minutes)

“Religion is a scaffolding for faith, but when it becomes the faith itself, it kills faith.  We are often inclined to ignore the beauty of what is beneath and be distracted by the scaffolding.” – Ravi Zacharias

Religious customs and ceremonies cannot take the place of the One we worship.

 One greater than the temple is here

I tell you that one greater than the temple is here. – Matthew 12:6

In this story Jesus is walking along on the Sabbath and he eats some grain.   The Pharisees were having a fit about this.  Jesus sets them straight by setting Himself up as the one who is over the temple.   The rules and rituals of the temple were important, but they were not more important than Jesus.

Think about what is so significant about the temple.  It represents time, cost and a place that God said He would meet His people.  The problem was that it became a power base for people.

Jesus is greater than the temple—how?  — The temple is a place, Jesus is a person.

The temple has a hierarchy while Jesus provides equal access to God

The temple uses ceremony to attain intimacy with God.  A relationship with Jesus is an intimacy far greater than ceremony

You go to the temple, but Jesus comes to you.

The temple is made of brick and mortar.  The new temple is within the body of each believer.

This came up again in John 4 when Jesus interacts with the Samaritan woman.

Who is right?

Our fathers worshiped on this mountain, but you Jews claim that the place where we must worship is in Jerusalem.” – John 4:20

This woman gets wrapped up in politics and wonders if Jesus could answer he question about where the proper place to worship was.  Jesus responds telling her that location is not important.  It is about the Spirit.  This must have been a mind-blowing assertion to make.

You mean this is relational?  Jesus is the place where we worship!

How amazing and how unifying.  The Jews and the Gentiles were welcome here.

We will take a look at a few more ways Jesus does this next week.   Enjoy the time in church today.



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