The Lego Jar (10/13/12) – Just Say It

The Lego Jar is once again ready to be sorted out.  This week granny went home and life got back to normal, whatever that is.    This week the focus is on the way kids just say whatever they think.  I appreciate it very much because it gives me so much blog material!

Advice for Solomon- We were talking about King Solomon one night at dinner.  My 5-year-old told us that he had too many wives and too many horses.  He said, “he had more than he needed.”    I agreed.  He then said, “the way I see it, he should have had two wives and one horse.”  Is that good advice?  

When is the Race?- With the political battle heating up, my kids are hearing more about politics than they are used to.  The other day they made the comment about winning the race.  As it turns out they thought that the presidential race was actually a foot race.  Who do you think would win if they had to run a marathon?  Better yet, how many people would actually run for president if they had to run a marathon.  All that aside, my boys are correct.  The word is race and they aren’t racing.

Going to Boston? –  We were at the grocery store one night, me and my, you guessed it, 5-year-old son.  On the radio in the store was the song “Boston” by Augustana.  He looked at me in all seriousness and said, “why are you talking to me about going to Boston?”  I was not singing it to him.

Muppet of a Man? –  Then we left the store and it was both dark and raining.  This apparently inspired my son’s inner musician.  He told me he was reminded of the song in the recent Muppet movie where the main character sings in the rain.  So, he started to sing at the top of his lungs, “am I a man or am I muppet?”  He even did the echo part.   I will post the video below from the movie so you get the idea.

My Daughter is Cute – I just need to post another picture of my little girl.  She is cute and she is now trying to communicate more.  She also really loves music, so I think she has a future in  singing.  Maybe she will sing in the rain too.


Have a great weekend!



  1. I love it!!!!! Getting ready to bring my 4 and 2 yo grandkids home for the week, so I will have lots of blog fodder too 🙂 I don’t think God wants us to say whatever we think without a filter, but He does want us to be more like the children – honest, open, and eager to learn. Have a great weekend!

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