No Wasted Times With Growing Kids

Children grow up and the culture becomes less interested in God.  That is not an encouraging thing for me to think about. There are now more people who don’t seem to give any thought to the Word of God and it has an impact on our children.  It is daunting to think about children growing up in the midst of such confusing and conflicting messages.  It seems to get harder all the time. The good news is God has not only called us to the task, He has given us His Word to teach to our kids.  It is still relevant today!

“These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” – Deuteronomy 6:6-7

I have thought a lot about this and how this applies to me with four children.   This is clearly not something that just happens overnight or even just happens without effort.  In order to impress them on my kids I need to talk about them as we go about life.  That means that there are no wasted times!

Meal Time –    I have written about some of our dinner time conversations in the past.  Research continues to show the importance of meal time for children.    (one study) It stands to reason that these are also times to capitalize on the attention of your children.  That means turn off the television and set aside the cell phone.  It means talking with each other.  I will often ask my kids about school and bring something up from the Bible.  Often these are things that I have been reading and thinking about and at other times I talk about stories the kids have been learning about.  The discussion the other night was about Solomon.

Me:  What did Solomon ask for?

Child: He asked God for wisdom to rule the kingdom.

Me: Why did Solomon get in trouble?

Child: He had more wives than he needed and more horses.

This conversation came from a “What’s in the Bible” DVD that they are familiar with.  We just reinforce what has been learned.   On Sundays after church we talk about what they learned at Bible school.  It is as simple as being intentional and asking a few questions.

Driving-   Some of the best conversations I have with my boys is when we are driving to the dump on Saturday mornings.  It is like their little brains are racing with questions and thoughts.  Usually there is something that they have been thinking about that they ask.  One week we talked about salvation.  Another week we talked about sin and how it hurts us.  Sometimes they see something that gets them thinking. There are so many opportunities there if we simply turn down the radio and listen.

Waste Nothing!

I have only listed two here, even though there are many more specific examples.  I know discipline would be another place where the Bible can be used effectively to teach and correct.  The point is that everyone I talk to tells me how quickly their kids have grown.  I know that I am amazed at the way time seems to fly by.  It just makes the urgency of this that much more real.  Every moment does matter and today is no exception!



  1. Yes, it passes so quickly and then what? You still do your best to introduce and talk about godly topics, but they make their own choices. Even great parents sometimes have rebellious kids, but God promises He’ll bring them back to Him if we raise them as we ought. You get even less time with the grandkids, and the time goes even more quickly. I love your use of the word intentional. We have got to be intentional about everything we do!

  2. Amen! The great thing about being intentional when they are young is that as they leave home you have the satisfaction of knowing you did the best you could do to share with them words of life: how to live a life that is in accordance with God’s laws, and most importantly, the path forward that is ALWAYS there for them (and you) when they mess up- that well worn path through repentance, confession, forgiveness, and restoration. Blessing on you and your family.

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