The Lego Jar (10/6/12) – Granny Claus is Coming to Town

Sing it with me- “oh, you better watch out!  You better not cry! You better not pout, I’m telling you why- Granny Claus is coming to town!”  Actually now that I write that, it sounds really scary.  But, Christmas is coming and my mom has been visiting, so I went ahead and put it together.   I want to put the tree up, watch the Grinch and drink cider.  I guess I will wait for a little while yet. This week was different because granny has been visiting (yes my kids call her granny) and we have been living with a little different rhythm in our house.  My wife and I even went on a date!  Let’s start there.

Date Night –  I know that when we got married going on dates was all the rage. We now have four children and while we would certainly enjoy going out more often together, it is just not a possibility right now.  The funny thing was that we went to the restaurant and were seated next to a couple with a baby.  Then we went to Toys R Us.  At least we were out without the children.   My 8-year-old son, when we told him we were going out, said, “oh, come on again — you go out every year!”

School –  My 5-year-old son is learning a lot in school, at least that is what he says.  He told me that he doesn’t need to go back to school because he “knows all the rules.”  I think a lot of people can relate to that.  But, as we know, school is about more than rules.  Therefore, he continues to go.  He also told me that his heart is pumping.  Then he stopped and put something brilliant together. “Hey dad, my heart pumping is like starting a car.  You turn the key and the car goes.  Your heart pumps and you go.”  I asked him if he heard that at school.  He said, “nope, I just made that up.”  Oh, brother.

Actually, these sorts of things are the reason I need to strap the milk into the car.  You just can’t be too careful around these clowns and their wild ideas. Anyway…  

He has been doing the Pledge of Allegiance.  This is something that I know many schools have stopped doing, so I was very glad to hear him do this.  I even convinced him to let me to take a video of it.  He is convinced he will now be famous and will get some shirts with his picture on it.  Oh, brother is right.

Creative Genius- If you have read more than one of these you know that my kids like to create things.  This week they made some guitars out of K’nex.  I thought they were pretty cool and clearly only one of them agreed.

Basket Case-  It only took a year, but my daughter is a basket case.   I don’t think I am the one to blame, yet.

I hope you have a great weekend!  



  1. “oh, come on again — you go out every year!”

    Just remember that phrase Derek, when he wants to borrow the car keys on consecutive Saturdays…

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