The Gospel From a 5 Year Old

There is such pressure to teach our children the right things.  It is something that I think a lot about because they seem to soak it all in.   There are reminders everywhere about how this works.  Yet, even if you are really busy, there are times right in your day that can be used to influence your children.  One of the most obvious is meal time.  Another one is the time spent in the car going somewhere.  Some of the most interesting conversations I have with my children come on the ride to the dump on Saturday mornings.  Let me show you an example form my 5 year old son this past Saturday.

After we had dropped all our trash off, he started talking about the people who work at the dump.  He wants to work there.  He wants to drive the tractors.  Then he got into more significant issues as he shared the Gospel with me.

Son: Where do the dump guys live?

Dad: In their homes.  You know, like I go to church to work, they come here.

Son: I go to church to work also.  I have junior church, singing songs in opening….All kinds of stuff I have to do there.

Dad: Hey, do you know why we go to church?

Son: To worship God

Dad: Why do we worship God?

Son: We don’t want to worship idols, they don’t do anything for you.

Dad: What does God do for you?

Son: God can do anything.

Dad: What did God do for us?

Son: Died for our sins.  Hey dad, people who don’t believe go down there. (points down)  That’s sad. I don’t want people to die.

Son: Hey dad, remember David and the bad things he did and then he repented.  I am going to be like David.

Dad: What, you are going to do something bad?

Son: No, I might do some things that are no good, but then I will repent.

Dad:  What does it mean to repent? 

Son:  That is a good question, dad. 

My 5 year old son might not have all the terms down, but he just shared the Gospel with me.  He just expressed his compassion for people and the good news of Jesus Christ.  Kids are so quick to do this, but adults are much more guarded.  If my 5 year old can speak the truth, I think we all can.



  1. Nice! Jessica wrote out questions to pass out to her friends at Girl Scouts, “Do you know God?” Circle Yes or No. I think her point is that she wants to share the gospel with them. Trying to help her think of other methods. I don’t want all the Girl Scout parents to hate me too! Lol.

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