A small step of faith can lead to a large work of God.

This morning something is going on in your community that many people don’t even realize.   It is an event known as See You at The Pole.  Every year students gather at their school flag poles to seek God together in prayer for their friends, schools, and the nation.  It started in 1990 as somewhat of a local event to now an international event.  God uses these small steps of faith to stir hearts.

Most people would agree, even if they aren’t Christians, that today’s schools have a lot of challenges in them.  Things are constantly changing and not always for the better.   There is such pressure to conform to a set image and it makes people who follow Jesus get mocked.  Yet, simple steps of people seeking God can make a profound impact on the culture of a school.

When I was in high school we started a daily prayer group as a result of a yearly See You at the Pole gathering.  We would pray for a minute between the first bell and the bell that would signal the start of class.  We often took verbal abuse for that and sometimes even had things thrown at us.  We never made a huge show of it because we genuinely wanted God to work in our school.  He did more than we could have imagined.

There was one person specifically who nearly lost his life in an accident.  After some time in a coma he looked at life a little differently.  That year he decided to trust in Jesus Christ.  As a result some of his friends now noticed and began to ask questions about this change.  The Spirit of God was at work among us.  At the same time we had a Bible study one day before school, one after school a different day and a morning prayer time one day a week.  This was all student initiated and student led just like See You at the Pole.

So, today as you drive around a local school, take a moment to pray for the Christian students there.  It is not an easy place to live out your faith, but it is also a place where some amazing work of God can take place.  We pray it does!



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