Run To The Cross Today

There is no limit to what God can do because God has no limits.  He is God.  I find that to be encouraging when I see such depravity in our world.   It is encouraging to note that things have always been that way.  Take John 5, as an example of that.   It was a scene of despair, hopelessness and loneliness.   It was a scene around a pool of water where all those who were physically disabled gathered.  It would likely have been a place most people avoided. Yet, Jesus goes and meets a man who is in a place of despair and ministers to him physically and spiritually.

That is incredibly encouraging to think about.  God does not wait for us to come to Him; He comes to us.  That is the message of the cross.  This is what we celebrate every day of our lives.

I thought today might be a day to encourage people when all we see is violence in the world.  And while you might not be in as rough of shape as the man who was an invalid for 38 years in John 5, you might still be in a tough spot.  Without Jesus Christ we are all spiritually dead and without hope.  The only way we are made alive is through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  He is more than just the giver of gifts, He is the gift Himself.

Today I simply want to encourage anyone who might stop by to run daily to the cross, including today.  That is the only way any of the chaos makes sense and the only way we are able to overcome sin.


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