The Lego Jar (9/15/12) – These are a few of my favorite things

After reading the title of this post you are likely singing a song about your favorite things.  That will work alright for today’s post.  With school in full swing, my two oldest boys are setting into the school routine.  With school comes things that they like and things that they don’t like.  Today’s Lego Jar is full of tidbits about their week at school.

Favorite School Subject-  One of the first things that parents ask their kids after school is, “how was your day?”  I always ask my kids if they learned anything that day.  Usually they just roll their eyes at me.  Since I now have a new kid in school, I took the time to ask him about his favorite parts of school. He told me, without hesitation, that his favorite part of school is recess and lunch.  I guess some things never change.

One Wheeling – With third grade comes a whole new level of activity.  This year my oldest son is able to start learning to ride a unicycle.  This is something he has been talking about for a while.  This week the paperwork came home with the cost listed as $30.  We told him that if it was something that he was interested in that he could use some of his birthday money to pay for it.  A little while later he came up the stairs with a handful of change that he wanted to add to help pay for it.  I guess he really wants to do this.

Weekend-  True to form, my 5-year-old son has gotten worn down.  He never went to school and now he is going everyday.  He is tired.  He really likes school but he doesn’t like going to school.  He has been counting down the weekend.  He told me the other day, ” I have tomorrow and then another tomorrow and then I have two home days.”  It is an adjustment for him.

Oh yes, my 8-year-old even helped

Football- There was more than school this week.  It was the start of the NFL season in our house, which is a lot of fun for us.  My wife made a football cake for the season opener.   My 5-year-old said one morning, “Mom, you make the cake, dad makes the cereal and I want a bagel.”

My 8-year-old son has been talking about getting a new jersey, but I didn’t expect this.  He told us at supper the other night that he wanted to go to New Jersey.  I said, “why?”  He told me it was because he wanted to get a new football jersey.  I guess his logic works.

Eating Bark – Of course my other kids get some mention in this as well.  One day we were in the yard and my daughter went over to a tree and started eating bark off it.  I did what any father would do; I took a picture.  My wife wondered why I let her.  I thought it was healthy and she was so cute doing it.

We even managed to get all the kids in the sand box.

Well, that empties the Lego Jar once again.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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