Honk Yours Horn

The spot where it happens

My kids make my life much more interesting than it ever would have been.  They bring such energy and freshness to life that it makes things a lot of fun.  We think it is somewhat chaotic, but we recently talked with someone who commented that our house must be a lot of fun.  I would say that it is fun, exhausting, and interesting with a few dashes of crazy for good measure.   The constant projects, games, ideas and Lego creations do make our home a place full of energy.

One of the things they do is something that has become tradition in our house, but kind of confuses visitors.  We have a fence all the way around our yard, which limits the places our kids can escape from.   As a result, my kids have been in the habit of running to the end of the fence in order to wave goodbye to anyone leaving our house.  They will run as fast as they can to the fence in order to make it there in time.  It is pretty common, in fact, for all of my kids to go running down to the corner when they see me coming up the road and when I leave.   They also stand at that same spot if someone is coming over and they are waiting for them.  It is just what they do.  The best part is my 2-year-old who will say every time, “honk yours horn.”  If I can, I do and they find that to be so entertaining.

This small act of appreciation can take the pressures of my day and make them disappear.  They smile, wave and just offer a small piece of themselves.  There is a refreshing innocence that kids bring.  It is something that we can learn from.  When they see me coming, all they are thinking about is getting to the corner to see me.  When we eat supper, all they are thinking about is whether or not we can have dessert.  There is so much that is just taken for granted.

I do pray that as they start to learn about the world that they are determined to live in such a way that it makes a difference.  Maybe they will move out of the “honk yours horn” phase, but they should never grow out of the “appreciation for people” phase.  If there is one thing I hope they continue growing in it is their enthusiasm for others.  Living in New England is a challenge that way because people are often cold to strangers.  But, oh what a difference we can make if we just stop, wave and maybe offer a simple greeting to another person.  Remember, being kind is not that difficult.  Oh, and if you drive past my kids at the fence, please honk yours horn!


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