I got a Bible!

My 5-year-old son has some interesting quirks.  I love every one of them,  however.  He has been treasure hunting for as long as I can remember.  He collects junk mail, maps, Bibles, and other random items.  But, everything he has he sees value in and I think that is awesome.    This last year when I was at our Sr. High  winter retreat, I grabbed a stack of the New Testaments that the Gideons gave out.  I brought them home for my children as gifts.  I know that might seem cheap to you, but they were elated.  In fact, my 2-year-old son brings one with him to church each week still.

This week at church my 5-year-old managed to find another one.  He brought it home and tried to get it to fit into his pocket so that he could carry it around.  Having no luck, he went on to describe to me how he wanted to take good care of it.  At one point, as we were watching football, he was on the couch paging through his Bible.   He even appealed to his older brother, “hey, come read your Bible with me.”  That is just too cool!

The Word of God has been undermined so much that even many Christians don’t take the time to look at it anymore.  This is a real shame.  This picture of my son holding this little book in his hands as his special treasure made me realize just how valuable it is.   It is important and we should handle it with care.  We should read it through-out the day and be excited to receive it.  The Bible has become too common in our lives and we have taken it for granted.

I think we can learn something from my son’s enthusiasm for his treasures.  God’s Word is a treasure and it is to be cherished and given away.




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