The Word of God speaks, but you must listen.

God speaks in some of the most interesting ways.  I have documented the voice of God as I drove last week.  The latest occurred as I was on my way to the grocery store yesterday.  First, I must explain what I was thinking about.

School started for most of the students in my youth group yesterday.  School season is a great time of year because it keeps many of them out of trouble.  It is also a source of anxiousness for me because of the peer pressure that so many find themselves overwhelmed with.  Just the other day I was praying for my students with a heavy heart as I realized how some of them have taken a path away from God.  It grieves me to see them do that  because they have turned their backs on the living God for something that is a counterfeit.  It is sad to see people get deceived like that.

This was on my mind.  In fact, a few specific people were on my mind.  As I drove, the song “Word of God Speak” by Mercy Me came on.  At first I didn’t even catch the irony of what was going on.  You see, it was raining.  One of the lines is,  “Word of God speak, would you fall down like rain, washing my eyes to see, your majesty”   It was there that it hit me.  We are teaching God’s Word and doing the best that we can to help point students to Jesus Christ.  It is what God does with that Word that becomes the difference maker.   I pray every time that I teach that God would teach His Word and change hearts in the way only He can.   What a beautiful picture it is to think about God’s Word washing the filth away from our eyes so that we might see Him clearly.  God communicates to us by His Word and lives are changed.

I know as the school year begins I desire to see Jesus Christ made much of in the lives of our young people.  I pray that they spend time in the Word that they would see Jesus clearly and chose to follow Him instead of the crowd.


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