The Lego Jar (9/1/12) – Home Again

We have made it through another summer (almost) and another trip to visit family.  This year we put on almost 3900 miles, had 3 picnics, 2 parties, 1 Green Bay Packer football game and other assorted fun along the way.  This Lego Jar is an assortment of items from the trip.

Leaving Cape Cod and going to the Midwest always makes me appreciate open space.  We have very little of it here, but my kids still want to get things to ride on.  We took a trip to Lambeau Field and came upon this skid steer.  I think I need to figure out a reason to buy it.  I am still thinking.

Does it come with the kids?

True to form, we did stop by the Lego Store.  My boys were, naturally, intrigued by, well, everything in the store.  They wanted to get a picture by the sign.  Of course, we couldn’t coordinate it right.

This kid loves his kitties.  In fact, he would hunt for them anywhere we went.  He found a good number of them and they liked being held by him too.  This is something our cat does not appreciate, so he took it all in.  Now that we are home he tries to pick up our cat.  He gets scratched, but keeps trying.

The also found some stale Cheetos and a swing.  What more could three boys ask for?

We went to Bookworm Gardens one day.  There was a wagon there that we thought would make a great picture.  Here we are on our wagon ride with the boys’ cousin.

It might not be what it looks like

I need to back up for a moment and mention to you that my daughter did also enjoy the Lego Store.

Do I like this?

This is what the boys refer to as the “Excavator Park” for obvious reasons.

Finally, I must show you one cute picture of my daughter.

I hope you all enjoy the last official weekend of summer.   We will enjoy the time we have this weekend and the excitement that starting school brings.


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