Perspective in the Sunrise

Some people don’t like the morning, but I love the morning.   I don’t always like how early it comes, but I do appreciate so much about it. There is something about the new day that is inspiring and energizing.  Every new day represents another opportunity from God to be all that He would have me be.  Each day is a gift.   There is such beauty in the morning.

The other morning, on one of the long travel days of our trip, we were heading right into the sun as it was still rising.  It reminded me of a post I wrote about my son’s question about the sun being everywhere and also how I really don’t pay that much attention to the sun. There was dew on the grass and a quietness about the morning.  I know that the morning reminds us that the darkness is gone and the light has overcome.  It reminds us that God has given us His mercy in a new way.  It reminds us that Jesus Christ is risen.  I was overwhelmed as I  took it all in.

I had my I-Pod going and the song “”You’re Beautiful” came on and the first line is “I see Your face in every sunrise.”   God is so good in the way He teaches us things.  I found myself very near to God as we drove.   There is  thankfulness that comes over us as we realize all that God has done and who He is. It was a moment that I needed, especially since vacation with family isn’t really relaxing or reflective.  It was like God was helping me to have a moment with Him on I-90.  It was a moment when all my kids were sleeping and it was quiet.  It was energizing and awesome to hear from God in that setting.

As I get back into my “normal life” today, it is with a renewed appreciation of God’s love, plan and work on my behalf.  It is because of Him that I serve.

I would encourage you to consider the same and make this day a day of worship to the one true God.


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