1300 Miles in Two Days

We have nearly made it back home.  We will make it there today.  We have gone 1300 miles in two days, which I think deserves at least a small round of applause considering we have 4 kids. (8 years old, 5 years old, 2 years old and 11 months)  We have done something that many grown adults are terrified of.  In fact, some people run screaming when we arrive.  I have learned, though, that kids are not the problem when traveling, adults are.  I am convinced that without us adults, traveling would be much calmer for everyone.   The only difference would be that the kids would never get anywhere.    They would catch the chipmunk at the rest area, though.  Of course, we have made the best of it for them.  But, there are times the kids secretly (or loudly) want us to disappear.

Without the adults, rest stops would be fun and have better food.  Think about it.  My kids always go right for the video games, even though they never get to play them.  With my children’s help, rest stops would be like Chuck E. Cheese and Six Flags in some fun combination.  There would be bikes to ride, bubbles to blow and candy falling from the sky.

Without the adults, the kids would not be pressured to hurry up.  They would play with the hand driers until they are good and ready to move on.  They will flush all the toilets and try all the soap dispensers.  They will run around the building listening to the echo of their voice.  They will look at all the maps, try all the newspaper dispensers and look under tables to any hidden treasure.

Without the adults, the kids will run out into traffic in what could become another game.  The only rule is that you are not allowed to look for traffic.  This could be interesting.

Without the adults, snack time is now and lunch time is now.  Soda is the only beverage accepted on trips and bathroom stops only come at moments when you really can’t stop.  Kids make things happen.  You try telling a kid in pain to hold it.  It just will not be held any longer.

Without adults, kids would not need to sleep.  Sleep wastes time.  In fact,  telling time wastes time.  Kids just enjoy it as it comes. Since supper is now and bedtimes is never,  time is completely irrelevant to kids.

As annoying as it is for those of us trying to go 1300 miles in two days, it is often helpful to see things in their view.  Sitting in a car for two full days is a challenge for anyone.  I am grateful my children handle it so well.  Yet, we are glad to be getting home today and back to our regular life.



  1. Bravo for you!! We’ve always traveled with our 4 as well and now that they are older it is easier in some ways, harder in others. Either way, if you don’t get in and go, you stay home. I have friends (and family) who are terrified to travel even a couple of hours with their kids, a shame I say! A shame! Now we’ve not gone 1300 miles in a vehicle together (yet), but I know the day will come….bring it!! 🙂

    1. You are right. The journey is part of the fun. (most of the time) We have finished out trip now and put on a total of 3800 miles round-trip. That’s a lot, but we survived and still like each other.

  2. I have so done this. My average trip commute is 1,700 miles, so I am right there with you. Did your wife at least help with the driving? One of these days, I am going to make the trip with an adult along for the ride. Although, that may preclude the mandatory stop at the NASA center. Hmm. May have to rethink that one.

    Glad you made it safe.

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