The Lego Jar (8/18/12)- Our Travel Channel

This week’s Lego Jar has tidbits from the first part of our vacation.  My kids make an adventure out of everything, which means  time away from home is like bungee jumping off the Grand Canyon.  This post will be completely random, so don’t try finding any sort of lesson in this one. If you remember what I said about them collecting things from rest areas, you will not be surprised that they found a whole bunch of things to collect as we started our trip.  The nice thing about that is that they are easily entertained for no money.  This part of traveling goes without saying for my kids.  There are other things that they do that are just funny.

Bass Pro Shops – Speaking of rest areas, some of the rest areas look a little bit like Bass Pro Shops.  We passed a few of them and my boys would say, “hey dad, Bass Pro Shops.”  You have no idea how great this is!  Add to that my oldest son is constantly scoping out new places to fish.  It is always, “wow, we should fish in that river.”  “We should fish in that lake.”  The truth is that if he had his way we would fish in every body of water we came upon.

Buffalo –  While traveling, we always drive through Buffalo, New York.  On one part of the highway there is a large buffalo on the side of the road.  This is not too shocking.  What was funny is how my 7-year-old son reacted to them.  He was ecstatic and quickly wanted to show his brothers the buffalos.  He was convinced they were real and said, “oh, I thought those buffalos were real.”

Strange Ills-  Traveling with children means you will sometimes have kids who get ill on vacation.  We had nothing like last year, but we did have one of our kids tell us, as he touched his head, that it “sounded like he had a fever.”  He didn’t.

Telling Time-  One morning in a hotel, my 5-year-old son told me what time it was.  The actual time was 6:08 a.m.  He told me it was six, zero, eighty, zero, six.  Did I mention he is starting Kindergarten?

Gator Boys –  My kids have recently started watching the show “Gator Boys.”  On the show they catch alligators in various settings.  When my kids were in the pool at grandma’s house they were playing “Gator Boys.” My son looked at me and told me “there are no gators in there dad.”  I love their imagination.

No gators in there

Looking for gators

Packers Game – My wife and I were able to attend a Green Bay Packers game this week.  If you have never been to Green Bay for a football game, you should go.  It makes no difference whether it is preseason or not.  The stadium is full and the town is alive with activity.  What is especially funny is that there are people tailgating in parking lots all over town.  In fact, the town looks a lot like a camp ground and a county fair combined.  It was a nice time.

Great seats

Idols-  My son has told me twice now that he does not like worshipping idols.  He said, “I only want to worship the real God.”  I love that!  What was even more awesome was that he asked my youngest son if he liked worshipping God. “Do you like worshipping God?”  He replied, “yes.”  He then told him, “good because I like worshipping God too.”  This latest time he brought up while at a play ground, which makes it even all the sweeter to hear.

That is all for this week, except that today is my oldest son’s birthday.  He is 8 years old already!  I can’t believe it.

I hope you have a great weekend! 


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