Failure is Not God’s Option – God is Greater Than Hard Hearts

A Mosque in a small village in Africa – God is reaching hard hearts

We might have a plan that fails, but God’s plan never fails.  In yesterday’s post we talked about how God’s plans are greater than man’s evil intentions.  That is a great encouragement because of the many evil plans in our world.  Today we continue looking at how failure is not God’s option.

God is far greater than hard hearts

A hard heart is a heart that is violently against Jesus Christ and also easily penetrated by God.

“Who are you, Lord?” Saul asked.“I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting,” he replied. “Now get up and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do.” – Acts 9:5-6

Saul’s day  and his life were just radically changed.  But, recognizing that this could only be God speaking to him, he answered him saying, “Who are you Lord?” It is likely he really didn’t know exactly who he was, but the fact that he called him Lord, says that he did have a small understanding.  God had taken away his perceived authority and he now had to submit to a new master.

Saul may have not considered that fact that he was persecuting Jesus himself and not just people.  But, he is told to go into the city and wait.  So, demonstrating that he was going to submit to God and listen, Saul goes.  Except  he now has to be led by hand because he is blind.  He goes because  God had broken through to a very hard heart.

For three days, he sits in darkness without food or water.

Corrie Ten Boom describes in her book, “The Hiding Place”, about how she was arrested by the Gestapo during World War II in Holland  for helping hide Jews.  This was during the holocaust and the Ten Boom family believe that they needed to help the Jews because it is what God would want them to do.  They risked their lives to help.  Once in prison and there for several months, Corrie had a hearing with an investigator.  The investigator seemed nice at first, but really want to get information from her.  At one point in the conversation, the investigator ask Corrie about ration cards that provided food for people that they helped.  She didn’t know much about them so he asked about her other work, hoping she would provide information about the secret room and the Jews they were hiding at their shop.  She instead talked about the hospital program that she was involved with in helping mentally disabled people.  The German officer was rather upset by that and wondered why anyone would waste their time with people like that.  Corrie told him that it was because God commands it and besides He loves them and cares for them no more or less than He does anyone else , including an investigator.  The interview was over and she went back to her cell.  The next day the man came and got her and sat her down outside next to a wall and asked her all about this God and the book that she gets her information from.  He said that thee things he has to do are unbearable to him and he needs to find some answers.  She shares with him about Jesus and how He is the light in the darkness.  She asked him if he had any darkness and he said, “you have no idea.”  So, in the middle of a prison, during a dark time in history, God was at work sharing his message of hope, forgiveness and redemption from a prisoner to a German soldier.  It is God who can soften very hard hearts.

Do you know any hearts that need softening?  The current state of our world shows the need for people to bow their knee to Jesus Christ.  God can take the hardest hearts and soften them for his work.  Some of the hardest hearts were the ones softened and used for amazing work.  Paul (formerly Saul) was one of those people.  This shows us once again that failure is not God’s option.



  1. “God had broken through to a very hard heart.”. This statement made me shout! Glory! Hearts can be hard for many reasons, but God is not daunted. I have a son I am praying for who is VERY independent. He claims salvation, but he doesn’t want to depend on anything but himself. His heart is hard in his determination to be ‘tough as nails’ which he sees as a good thing. This post gives me encouragement as I continue to pray for God to soften his heart.

      1. Thank you Derek!!!! That’s true 🙂 I am working on a letter (better writer than speaker) about why independence isn’t always a good thing. I see the heart underneath, and I long to see Him surrender. Angie

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