The Lego Jar (8/11/12) – Servants, Serpents, Sermons

It is time for another edition of the Lego Jar.  This week we have some more unique things my children have done, said and measured.  Every week I am amazed at the things that wind up in this post.  I don’t have to force these, they just naturally happen.

We start this week with the title of the post.  My kids were recently watching “The Emperor’s New Groove” and they were intrigued by the idea of servants.  One morning at breakfast my 5-year-old son told me he wanted to get some serpents.  I asked him why he wanted serpents.  He quickly corrected himself and said he wanted sermons.  This time he clarified by telling me that he wanted to be king so that people would do whatever he wanted.  You see, what he was after was servants.  I think serpents sound like more fun.  In a related story, he also told me he wanted some salt water caffey.  I thought he said salt water caffeine.  What he was really saying was salt water taffy.

Just like other kids, my boys have enjoyed roasting marshmallows.  The other day I started the grill and then went inside to get the meat that was going on the grill.  When I came back, the boys were “roasting marshmallows” over the smoke.  It was quite creative.

Roasting Marshmallows

Below is my favorite outfit of the week.

Cute– Just needs a zoot suit

He also went over to help someone with their garden.  He worked hard and came back with some jalapenos.

I was also told that something was “three gallons of smelly.”  Of course, this came from my 5-year-old and adds to his long list of items he measures his own way.

Lastly, one night we sent our 7 year old son up to bed a few minutes early.  When we got up there, he had put a sign on his door.  I guess he is getting ready for his next hotel stay.

This next week we will be doing some traveling.  This means that we will have a lot of unique items in next week’s Lego Post.  Stay tuned.  Until then, have a great weekend!


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