Worry Less, Live More

The whirlwind continues and I don’t know where to grab on.  As I mentioned in the Lego Jar yesterday, my kids had plans for me on Saturday.  We actually ended up at two different beaches, made smoothies, did some house work, ran through the sprinkler and went for a walk.  With so much excitement contained within each of my children, each day looks a lot like a sprint.  Even in a sprint there are things to mark and appreciate even before the finish line.  These things make the finish line that much more rewarding.

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own” – Matthews 6:34

It seems with each new child, the pace of life increases dramatically.  Our daughter has been fussier than the boys were and sometimes was inexplicably crabby.  Naturally, when the baby is crabby, the adults get crabby.  There are things about having a baby in the house that I love and there are things that I look forward to never having to deal with again.  I think that goes with anything in life.  Yet, despite all of the difficulties that come with having multiple young children, everyday is remarkable.  In fact, as I look through pictures of them I can’t believe the time that has passed. I can’t believe the memories of things we have done and funny moments we have had. However, so much time can be spent considering the future, when the present is right in front of us.  I know the moment we got married we were asked about children.  Then once we had one child, people wanted another.  The cycle never ends.  Then there is normal family stresses like money.  How will we pay off student loans?  How will we afford that medical bill?  All important things to consider, but not he most important.  We live in the moment, not the future.

At dinner on Saturday my oldest son was commenting about how he will turn 8 in a few weeks, then 9, then 10 and then we stopped him.  I mean, what’s the rush?  Our daughter will turn 1 year in September and she has now started walking.  It is so hard to come to grips with that passage of time and her rapid growth.

Do not worry about tomorrow.  If you must worry about something, worry about today. Worry about the time that will be wasted dwelling on things that you cannot change and the people who will suffer as a result.  You see, I know that my kids are growing faster than I would like.  Time doesn’t stand still.  I also know that I don’t want to miss out on them because I am so caught up in me.


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