The Lego Jar (8/4/12) – Olympic Edition

Ice Cream eating competition

This week’s Lego Jar has taken on an Olympic feel because of the amount of time I have spent watching the events.  I have especially enjoyed the swimming and my kids have been following along nicely.  This week’s Lego Jar is filled with Lego pieces that will certainly inspire you to fulfill your dreams. (more or less)

As a side note, there was a shark bite on the Cape this week.  I have made the suggestion that they add shark wrangling to the Olympics.  So far no one has agreed, but I think it would be more exciting than any of the shooting competitions.  What do you think?

Let’s begin with another confusing measurement.  You might remember that my 5-year-old son has a rather unique way of measuring things.  This week’s random measurement: “Hey dad, I am sleepier than salt.”  If anyone wants to take a guess on what he means by that, please go ahead.

As sleepy as he might have been, he did manage to have an interesting conversation with me while I was tucking him in one night.

Child: “Hey dad, why do you have whiskers.” – as he rubbed my face
Me: “God made me that way, you will have whiskers someday also.”
Child: “God made you as a baby?”How many birthdays have you had?
Me: “30”
Child: “Woa– that’s taller than me.  I can’t even go in a 6 ft deep pool”
 Then I sang the song, “I have decided to follow Jesus” with him.  Afterwards I asked him if he would follow Jesus.  His reply, “You bet I will manly dude.”
With all the swimming I have been watching, my kids have also been taking swimming lessons.  This is a good thing for them since we live on Cape Cod and they enjoy the water. After the first day my 5-year-old told me that he was going to be famous someday because he was able to put his head in the water.  “I am a beast dad.”  No doubt in my mind.
All of this activity has left them exhausted.  I came home one day and the two youngest boys were on the couch all snuggled up together.
Another fun event was the “make your own crutches and pretend to be injured” 100 meter dash.  Interesting thing is that they took it upon themselves to be like our intern who sprained his ankle a few weeks ago during youth group.  My 2-year-old even took off a shoe to signify the injured foot.  They are just too funny!
Lastly, Friday night is youth group night for me.  I know that with our vacation coming up soon, our kids are really anxious to get all our summer activities in here before we leave.  When I came home I found this note on the counter for me.  If you know my children, you will know that this sums up my life pretty well.
Well, you can see what my weekend will be like.  I hope that your weekend is filled with laughter and fun! 


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